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Shark 50B BACnet MS/TP Communicating Power Meter


  • Multifunction Measurements of AC Voltage, Current, Power and Energy
  • Industry Recognized Superior 0.5% Energy Class Accuracy
  • BACnet MS/TP Serial
  • Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Highly Reliable Industrial Rated Design


E-Sine Engineering Solutions introduces our industry leading revenue grade power meter with native BACnet MS/TP and Modbus TCP/IP protocols.This universal meter is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing and new building management systems.The unit allows users to gather data on voltage, current, power and energy usage throughout a facility.

The Shark 50B power meter was designed to be the perfect device for “Green” initiatives, LEED certified projects, smart buildings and all kinds of smart energy projects. This multifunction power meter’s dual communication interface provides the information needed by both energy management and building control applications. Having one metering product to fill almost every metering application is essential for a smooth and cost effective energy management system integration.This meter fills that need with highly accurate energy measurements and flexible communication capability.


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